The first monograph on photographer Chris von Wagenheim, whose work visualized the glamour and excess of the 1970s.

Between the years of 1968 to 1981, photographer Chris von Wangenheim shocked the world with a body of work that explored sex and violence in the realm of high fashion. Titillating and impossible to ignore, von Wagenheim's work was emblematic of the time—an era that encompassed Studio 54, the sexual revolution, punk, and porn—and continually challenged the viewers' taste by its stylized depictions of suggestive (and often harrowing) narratives. Von Wagenheim's images appeared in every top fashion publication (including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Italia, and Interview) and he produced unforgettable campaigns for Dior and Valentino until he died in a car accident at the peak of his career.

This book, the first monograph on Wagenheim's career, contains over two hundred provocative and iconic images, including never-before-seen outtakes from memorable shoots with supermodels such as Christy Brinkley, Lisa Taylor, and the late Gia Carangi, whose career von Wagenheim launched and produced the iconic image of the model standing naked behind a chain-link fence for Vogue. Drawing on interviews with models, editors, art directors, and friends, the Padilha brothers tell the story of von Wagenheim's life, and give readers a taste of the '70s atmosphere as they revive these startling images for a contemporary audience.

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